Social Media

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Sample Social Media Posts


  • Are you ready to be part of #SarahLawrenceGivingDay? Celebrate with us and show your support at!
  • Mark your calendars for March 1, when we’ll come together for #SarahLawrenceGivingDay. Join us at!
  • It’s time for everyone to have an impact on the student experience at Sarah Lawrence. On March 1, help us celebrate #SarahLawrenceGivingDay!
  • Get ready to get up and give for #SarahLawrenceGivingDay on March 1! Follow @SarahLawrence to stay updated!
  • Your gift of any amount at will go a long way when we get together and give together on March 1 for #SarahLawrenceGivingDay! 


  • Save the date: #SarahLawrenceGivingDay is March 1! You can be part of the celebration by giving to your favorite nonprofit (which we know is @sarahlawrencecollege!). Visit to find out more.
  • The real success of #SarahLawrenceGivingDay will not be how much money we raise, but the tremendous impact those dollars will have for students! Join me on March 1 at
  • March 1 will be a historic day for everyone in your community to make their gift! Learn more about Sarah Lawrence Giving Day and support our campaign at #SarahLawrenceGivingDay
  • Let’s show everyone that our alumni love @sarahlawrencecollege! On March 1, help us celebrate #SarahLawrenceGivingDay.
  • We’re so excited to be a part of #SarahLawrenceGivingDay! You can support our campaign by visiting and donating on March 1.
  • On March 1, we have 24 hours to give where our heart is! To make a huge difference for @sarahlawrencecollege, go to #SarahLawrenceGivingDay

Facebook Tips

Looking to get the word out with Facebook? This guide will help you get started and on the road to creating a successful strategy.

Below is a list of ways you can begin engaging your community for #SarahLawrenceGivingDay!

Get started by liking the Sarah Lawrence College and The Fund for Sarah Lawrence pages (@sarahlawrencecollege and @TheFundForSarahLawrence). This will allow you to get important updates and information for Giving Day. 

Tell everyone that you're participating in Sarah Lawrence Giving Day. Be sure to tell people what it's all about by using some of the suggested messaging above. Let them know they can donate at and ask them to spread the word.

Do all of the above and repeat...again and again and again.

Twitter Tips

Want to quickly engage donors and share information about your fundraising efforts? Twitter is instant and efficient! Below you will find a few tips to help you have success.

Follow @sarahlawrence’s Twitter account. Go to and click the Follow button. 

Tell your followers that you are participating in #SarahLawrenceGivingDay. Let them know about any matches and challenges announced on and how they can move the needle. Use some of the suggested tweets provided.

Use Hashtags and Handles. Whenever you share information include the @sarahlawrence handle and #SarahLawrenceGivingDay to further spread the word. 

Don’t just follow! Become a part of the conversation. Let people know that you are out there and engaged. Respond to tweets like you are holding a conversation. You never know where this may lead.

Share pictures, videos, and interesting content. Twitter is not just about your ‘words’. Pictures and videos draw people in, and sharing interesting articles about what you and others are doing for #SarahLawrenceGivingDay shows that you are part of a community.

Tweet, retweet and tweet again! (Especially on March 1st!)

Instagram Tips

Looking to harness the power of visual communication? Take advantage of the power of impactful images and catchy captions. Here’s your Instagram checklist:

Follow @sarahlawrencecollege on Instagram. Head to to “Follow” the activity around #SarahLawrenceGivingDay.

Connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Make sure that your Instagram posts are automatically posted on Facebook. Connecting Facebook and Instagram harnesses the power of both social media platforms at once and allows you to reach a wider audience.

Find powerful images. People-centric, positive images will help you draw in new followers. Focus on sharing images that speak to Sarah Lawrence’s mission and communities.

Socialize! Like your supporters’ posts, and consider sharing posts that stand out for their support of Sarah Lawrence College. Also take this opportunity to cross-promote by liking and sharing others’ posts to boost your visibility for Sarah Lawrence Giving Day.

Use the #SarahLawrenceGivingDay hashtag, in addition to other creative hashtags. 3-5 hashtags per post is the sweet spot. Start with a branded or specific hashtag—like a tagline or fun phrase. Follow this with @sarahlawrencecollege, as well as any handles of others you know are participating or would be interested in supporting Sarah Lawrence.

Have fun! Instagram is a really playful platform, and the perfect opportunity to let the unique personalities, humor, and convictions of the Sarah Lawrence community through your photos, captions, and hashtags! Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to relate to your supporters, showing them who you are and what you stand for.